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Winner of the CTI Swiss Medtech Award 2014

Noninvasive Central Venous Pressure Measurement

by Controlled Compression Sonography


We sought to validate a new noninvasive technique to determine central venous pressure (CVP) using highresolution compression sonography.


Information concerning CVP is crucial in clinical situations, including cardiac failure, volume overload, and sepsis. The measurement of CVP, however, requires puncture of a vein with attendant risk of complication.


After a proof-of-concept study in healthy subjects, a prospective blinded evaluation was performed comparing CVP measurement using a central venous catheter with measurement using compression sonography in critically ill (intensive care unit) patients.


Controlled-compression sonography is a valuable tool for measuring venous pressure in peripheral veins and al- lows reliable indirect assessment of CVP without intravenous catheterization.
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