About VeinPress

VeinPress GmbH was founded in January 2011, following more than 10 years of successful research in non-invasive venous pressure measurement by Dr. Ulrich Baumann, in order to further develop his method into a commercial product, and to manufacture and market it. The team he had assembled for this goal includes experts from diverse backgrounds in order to efficaciously tackle different aspects of this vision. The four founding members of VeinPress GmbH are introduced below.

Dr. Ulrich Baumann is the lead specialist in endoscopic and ultrasound diagnostics in a Hospital near Berne. He has been practicing medicine since 1976 and has performed numerous ultrasound exams. As the clinical coordinator, he is responsible for coordinating clinical efforts, performing initial tests on the system during development, and providing feedback on product usability in a clinical setting.

Vincent Baumann worked for four years at Swissmedic, the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products (Swiss FDA) in the Legal Department. Since January 2008 he focused on various legal & compliance issues mainly in and around the pharmaceutical, medical devices and chemical industries. He has extensive knowledge on regulatory procedures relating to medical devices and is the consultant in the project and manages the regulatory components and administration of the project, including but not limited to the development processes essential for the future certification of the final product by Swissmedic, FDA and other certification agencies.

Dr. Markus Widmer is a mechanical engineer HTL/ETH with a doctoral degree in Material Sciences from ETH and an Executive MBA from HSG. After his postdoctoral fellowship in the USA in the field of tissue engineering he has successfully led multiple business units and companies. Dr. Widmer is responsible for the management of the overall project. He also leads the design efforts on the mechanical parts such as the mount of the system onto ultrasound machine and the mount for the pressure sensor onto transducers.

Dr. Eric Odenheimer is a medical doctor with a degree in Internal Medicine and holds an Executive MBA from HSG and a Master in Public Health. He is the CEO of Meridian AG – a Swiss medical device manufacturer with a sales and maintenance network. He is responsible for manufacturing the final product.