Advantages of VeinPress

1. Gain of time

VeinPress measures CVP in a short time without puncturing a vein.

2. No central venous access

VeinPress does not need a central venous access to measure CVP.

3. Bedside measurement

With VeinPress there is no need to bring a patient in a specialized room to insert a central venous line to measure CVP.

4. No need for specialized personell

VeinPress is easy to be learned and is neither dependent of specialized personell nor on high end ultrasound devices.

5. High accuracy

After a short learning and training phase VeinPress has a agreement of up to 95% compared to the gold standard of invasuvely measurement of CVP.

6. No complications

Central venous catheders have  complication rates of up to 15%. VeinPress has no such
complications at all.

7. Cost saving

Central venous access generates cost of 250 US Dollars each. VeinPress is a reusable system and therefore it is cost saving.

8. Reduction of central venous catheders

Annually in the United States 5 millions of central venous catheders are inserted with a burden of 110 billions of US dollars for health care system. If VeinPress eliminates the need of 10% of all invasive central cathederisations procedures, procedural costs could be cut by up to 100 millions US dollars, reccurring every year.

9. VeinPress in varicosis

In varicosis valves oft he veins are destroyed. Therefore pressure in the veins oft he legs is elevated. This elevation can easiliy be measured by VeinPress.

10. VeinPress as a tool of research

There are 11 publications or dissertations in pre revieved papers with VeinPress.
Scientific work is going on. There is ungoing research and evelopment especially CVP in high altitude and low gravidity (NASA,Huston).